Whole Body Vibration Research

  • improved lymphatic flow  

  • increased circulation 

  • Diabetes - enhanced metabolism 

  • Knee Stability and Balance

  • Muscle strength and flexibility

  • Arthritis

  •  Sciatica

  • Bone mineral density

  • Back Pain 

  • Parkinson's & MS 

  • Osteoporosis

  • Range of motion, core conditioning 

  • Muscle recovery after working out

  • Reduction of stress and cellulite

  • Stroke

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Vibration Movements:

Oscillation Vibration is one of the most common types of vibration. The movement is similar to walking, with the vibration plate moving your feet 8-12 mm up and down (recommend 8-10 mm) More than 90% of your muscles engage with WBV oscillation. 10 minutes equal 2500-5000 low impact steps. We often refer to oscillation as "exercise vibration", optimal for lymphatic pumping. 

Spiral Vibration: is the latest in technology, Designed to overcome the contradictions of linear/tri-planer technologies. Spiral Vibration is the most gentle form of vibration with 1-2 mm of movement. It is also one of the most widely accepted technologies of late, because of the wonderful feel & benefits.

Tri-Planer Vibration Versions: Used mostly by muscle builders. A combination of vertical (linear) & side to side movements. Older technology. Many vibration plate warnings relate to tri-planer type movements. Tri-planer plates (15+ hz) do not cover lower frequencies. 3-4 hz is optimal for lymphatic pumping

  7 solid reasons why you should vibrate


Vibration plates allow you to exercise in the comfort of your home or office. They rarely collect dust because its only 5-10 minutes, minimal effort is involved, and they feel wonderful. This can be a great solution for people who have little time or conflicting schedules to visit a gymOur units are compact and take up only a 'chair' space. Our units are compact and take up only a 'chair' space.


Vibration plates cause the muscles to contract and relax at a much greater rate per second than they normally would during normal forms of exercises. More results occur when performing dynamic strength training exercises like lunges, squats, tricep dips, and push-ups on a vibrating plate, helping build and tone muscles. By sending vibrations to the body at varying degrees of intensity, the body uses up muscle tissue to generate strength. This stimulates muscle growth to meet energy demands, which then causes your muscles to become dense with time. This is why vibration plates are used in rehabilitation therapy to build damaged muscle without the need for weight bearing exercises. Many studies are in support of the fact that this training modality creates greater muscle power and strength.


It has been found that the vibrations generated by a vibration plate can help increase bone mineral density. Having stronger bones does have its own advantages, especially for people who suffer from certain diseases. For instance, ensuring that the body has adequate bone density helps to fight off osteoporosis. One study published in the “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Journal” showed evidence that vibration training helped postmenopausal women to increase lumber bone mineral density and leg strength.


Vibration plate movements increase your range of motion beyond what can be achieved with static stretching. As you stand or perform dynamic workouts on a vibration plate, this engages your core and hip flexors to stabilize your entire body. Hence, your balance, coordination, and stability improve with time. In addition, the vibrations sent to your body strengthen the muscles that stabilize your joints. This in turn helps to improve flexibility and joint function.


Whole body vibration training raises your metabolism just like any other form of exercise. As your muscles use more fuel and get stronger, you’ll have more energy. An increased metabolism also increases your weight loss potential in addition to helping your body burn fat more efficiently.


Because whole body vibrations use up muscle tissues, they encourage your body to produce increased levels of human growth hormone (HGH) to repair and regenerate damaged muscles and bone tissue. Your body will also reduce production of cortisol (the hormone responsible for stress) and produce more serotonin (the hormone that induces feelings of happiness and well-being). This explains why many people sleep better after starting whole body vibration training as their workout routine.

7. IMPROVES IMMUNE Function and blood circulation

The high levels at which muscles contract during vibration plate training causes the blood to circulate more around your body while at the same time stimulate the lymph glands. Increased flow of lymph fluid through the body will help to strength your immune function. On the other hand, better blood circulation will ensure that every cell in your body receives adequate oxygen and nutrients.

Other benefits of whole body vibration training include reliving spinal pain, improving posture and reducing cellulite by stimulating collagen production. With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why so many people are taking the plunge into vibration plate training.

Like any other exercise, the results that you’ll get from whole body vibration training will largely depend on your eating habits. You can’t just expect to lose weight with a 10-minute daily session of vibration training while eating high calorie processed foods. If you want to get the best results when using vibration plates for exercise, make sure to watch your diet. By eating healthy food and sticking to a regular workout regimen, it only takes a few weeks to see the gains that come from using vibration plates as part of your strength training or weight loss workouts.

                         Comments & Citations

WBV and Diabetes:

Whole body vibration therapy has been shown to have an incredible effect for a variety of different conditions as well as improvements with diabetic complications. Poor circulation is often a culprit with diabetes. it's important to remember that WBV therapy can often result in improvements for conditions like diabetes.

As exercise is extremely important to controlling type II diabetes it's no wonder that a more efficient exercise system could actually offer some improvement with lowering blood sugar and controlling weight with type II diabetes as well. Aerobic exercises can control insulin sensitivity and when combined with proper nutrition as well as regular exercise, it is possible for patient struggling with diabetes to manage the symptoms regularly.

The idea of vibration machines in a while who are often a much lower impact exercise than going to the gym or performing a heavy aerobics workout. Many people that suffer from type II diabetes often have problems with joint pain and other physical symptoms that can regularly stop them from going to the gym. WBV is a therapy that is extremely easy on joints and something that is quite efficient for people suffering from diabetes to try out and regularly stick with.

The effects of WBV can more efficiently improve muscle mass which in turn improves blood sugar control to manage the symptoms of diabetes. In recent scientific studies on mice it was estimated that spending just 20 min. on WBV was equally as effective as running on a treadmill for a period of 45 min. a day. This means that diabetic patients that have been instructed to exercise could potentially have a workout that is easier on their joints and body that is also equally as effective in half the time.

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WBV and circulation:

WBV is an extremely useful therapy solution for improving circulation throughout the body. Because of its various benefits to circulation WBV can regularly provide improvements for individuals that are interested in improving their circulation during a workout. Because of this improve circulation workouts can often be much more effective in a shorter period of time as well as far less strenuous on joints. The body will have all of the extra tools that he needs to recover through the improved circulation initiatives in WBV which can be completely foreign to some athletes and individuals that have extensive experience at the gym.

With the popularity of vibration machines in Hawaii it's now possible to even find these vibration machines at Cosco and other major retailers. A variety of scientific studies have been completed on the benefits of using some of these machines as well. WBV can be extremely effective for helping people exercise even if they experience problems with fluid retention, joint stiffness, balance issues or even weak bones. Improvements to health as well as circulation can be seen after trying out the studies for just a short amount of time.

In over 10 different studies on WBV results are conclusive that movements done with the vibrating plate can have an improved impact on muscle oxygenation and an overall increase in peripheral blood flow. WBV training can enhance blood flow throughout the arms and throughout the entire lower body. This can be extremely beneficial for treating symptoms for conditions like diabetes, healing injuries and physiotherapy and more. 

Rather than going for regular circulation therapy using vibration machines in Maui, you could consider getting vibration machines in Kauai for use in your own home. With definitive proof that WBV can offer support for improved circulation, one of these machines could be essential to controlling the symptoms of a pre-existing medical condition or improving health over time.

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Whole body vibration benefits:

Whole body vibration comes with a number of different benefits especially if it is a therapy that someone is willing to commit to regularly. Vibration machines in a while who have become much more readily available. These vibration machines can be purchased at Costco or many other leading retailers as well as experienced in physiotherapy and gyms across Hawaii. If you are interested about this type of therapy, here are some of the top benefits that you can experience through regular sessions with WBV:

Improving flexibility: through improvements with circulation as well as a much more efficient workout using specific poses, participants in WBV have been able to experience a massive difference in their flexibility. Whole body vibration therapy can be very useful for improving overall flexibility which can be very useful for athletes and individuals recovering from injury.

Reducing joint and muscle damage: other types of exercise can often place extra strain on joints and can in some cases cause extreme muscle damage. WBV is far less risky because it actually provides vibration and targeted solutions right at the joint for improved circulation and training results. Improve circulation benefits as well as regimented therapy reduces muscle soreness as well as muscle damage while still delivering the same great results as a longer full body workout without vibration. This means that athletes and individuals can reduce their risk for soreness or injury while enjoying a much more efficient workout.

Improving posture: WBV can work in improving postural stability through the exercises performed which makes it extremely useful in physiotherapy. Postural stability and posture overall can be improved through regular therapy with WBV which can prevent back pain and allow for faster healing from injuries.

Offering support for various symptoms of disease: WBV training has been shown to improve the symptoms of type II diabetes as well as offer support for individuals that are interested in injury recovery or assistance in keeping fit even with minimal physical ability.

For some of these top benefits and more vibration machines in Hawaii is something that you should strongly consider using for improving overall health.

"4 Promising Studies on the Benefits of Vibration Training." Breaking Muscle. Breaking Muscle, n.d. Web. 26 May 2017.

Who use vibration plates?

Whole body vibration plates are becoming very popular therapy across the globe with hundreds of old/new published studies detailing the various benefits of this therapy solution. Whole body vibration plates are used commonly by athletes, gyms, chiropractors offices, and by NASA to treat prospective astronauts in training.

The way this therapy works is by having subjects stand directly on a vibration plate which causes their muscles to rapidly contract. This can provide not only the same type of rapid exercise that a person may get with a full body workout but also an oxygenated circulation solution that provides instant benefits. Improving circulation can maximize whole body functions while ensuring that the entire body is ready for more exercise and improvements. Vibration machines in Hawaii are extremely easy to source, you can even purchase vibration machines at Costco. Vibration Zone is planning to be in Costco by 3/2018 to compete with the older zaaz 20k & zaaz 15k machines.

WBV machines are widely growing popular.  Whole body vibration exercise therapy with the help of vibration plates could actually have a massive benefit for people in almost any profession.

WBV and the use of vibration plates can accomplish a number of different objectives such as improving performance during exercise like squats or lunges, improving flexibility in athletes and increasing the intensity of any training session. Integrating device training into any schedule for exercise to help to train the body and improve results almost immediately. The WBV device is recommended for trial using the lowest settings early on and in subjects over the age of 12. Younger individuals can benefit from using vibration plates for strength and flexibility training but it does take time to get used to the settings. Even skilled or highly trained athletes should never try to start on an advanced setting.

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