1. Health - No pregnancies while using vibration. Please consult with your doctor if you have had surgery in past 6 mos or have an electronic heart device. As a general rule, if you are cleared for low impact exercise, you will be fine for vibration therapy. You may also email us for specific data or studies to VibrationZoneHawaii@gmail.com

  2. Precision plates vs Non Precision -  When you turn your machine off, the power should scale down, not stop dead. Machine costs are not always indicative of precision. Many companies offer cheap machines for enormous prices. Vibration Zone offers the 2018 VZFit - the latest in oscillation by a top precision manufacture.

  3. Reviews -  Use caution with any company that does not allow PUBLIC REVIEWS on their Facebook page or Google.  So important.  Vibration Zone was created partly due to these industry deceptions. We at Vibration Zone love vibration, people, and truth.

  4. Gimmicks -  Beware of vibration plate accessories - anything in addition to a hard vibration platform, with no supporting research. You should request specific studies on any accessory offered. Sitting or standing directly on a vibration plate has excellent feedback, data and results.

  5. 1/2 The Job - Why purchase a vibration plate that has only 1 vibration movement? Technology has advanced. Oscillating platforms help exercise or 'walk' you - important for lymphatic circulation + other studied benefits. Spiral Vibration is gentle and soothing. You can feel it reach deeply into your body, relaxing sore muscles. Vibration Zone plates feature dual motion movements with two motors.

  6. Facts not Fluff - Vibration is measured and studied in hz/frequency not HP or G-forces. These terms are used as fluff for marketing and sales. 

  7. DC Motors - Electronic safety - No EMF's. We at Vibration Zone use only DC motors always recommending DC motors over AC.

  8. Low Frequency Plates 3-4 hz - Lymphatic circulation and drainage is a huge benefit of low frequency vibration. We recommend machines that start at 3 hz.

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