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Our original VZROCKET has far exceeded our expectaions. Our customers are demanding more so we have worked with our manufacturer to keep the best features of our original VZROCKET with only a slight few upgrades!

A true Dual Motor "Portable" Vibration Plate that offers just the right amount of power and sleek design to achieve your goals.

Are you active ? The VZrocket offers you complete freedom for squats, push-ups, planks and dumbbell workouts. You will quickly build balance and will appreciate the speedy recovery that vibration offers after walks, surfing, paddeling, running, biking or working out.
The 2020 VZROCKET PRO offers 2 Separate Vibration Motions:

Spiral & Oscillation Vibration, 

Includes Preset Programs with excellent frequency ranges.
A Super Strong Unit with a 330 lb Weight Limit.

Wrist Remote controll that allows you to switch speeds and programs during your program.

240W Dual DC Motors (With No EMF's)

If you have issues with balance, you would place unit near support area or we can offer other solutions.
While everyone is stuck with old inventory/technology, Vibration Zone is offering Hawaii and USA the very best and latest in vibration technology. Our VZROCKET's are precision (medically) manufactured and are not knock offs manufactured by some sports company like the huge majority of manufactured machines.

New Model!