Vibration Exercise Quickly Impacts Mind & Body
  1. Instant Circulation

  2. Core Vitality

  3. Peak Recovery 

  4. Peak Performance

  5. Weight Loss
  6. Pain Relief

  7. Mobility

  8. Mental Focus

  9. Balance & More


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What is Whole body vibration?

The use of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machines are surging across the globe because they are highly effective for producing high levels of circulation. Hundreds of research studies show a large variety of benefits. Vibration Machines are commonly used by NASA, Sports Teams, Gyms, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and now many people at home. Standing or sitting on a vibration plate cause your muscles to contract rapidly, 15-30 X per second, providing your body with instant circulation. The vibrations cause your body to work harder to maintain stability, thereby enhancing your balance. Vibration technology was originally designed, and is still used, to help cosmonauts prepare their bodies for the adverse effects of weightlessness in space, so it's no wonder the results are out of this world! 

Doctor's have been crying "More Circulation" forever. Many people say vibration plates are "miracle machines", they are NOT. However, circulation is one of the best medicines on earth. You can usually trace most health related issues to poor circulation. Whole Body Vibration can help individuals advance their training and recovery through high levels of circulation. Vibration Therapy is the world's best kept secret!



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Whole  Body  Vibration -  PERFORMANCE

Makena CrossFit

Kihei, HI


"Everyone is LOVING the VZ Rocket and VZ Pro James! "The benefits of Vibration Therapy is profound and instant. Our athletes are experiencing immediate improvement in recovery and in some cases, performance. We kinda can't believe it, but we're seeing it with our own eyes" Thanks

Paul - Makena CrossFit

KW CrossFit

Cincinnati, OH


"We bought two machines; the upright and the portable vibration machines. We bought them for our CrossFit gym for members to use for recovery and warm up. So far the reviews in our gym have been great!" Frank Wray

Whole  Body  Vibration -  FOR  EVERYONE

It is our Vision to provide Hawaii/USA with awesome Whole Body Vibration Solutions and excellent 5 star customer service. We are very grateful for our years serving 'good vibrations' to the islands of Hawaii. Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime  808) 264-2216 or email us @

Aloha & Happy Vibes!

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"The VZ pro has helped my knees and back. It has also helped to improve the circulation in my ankles! Thanks VZ pro!"              Kaleo - Hilo

“I found my favorite setting. My legs feel light and i sleep well!”

Elena – Hilo

"At 95 years old I use vibration every day and it helps me to be able to walk with no assistance I have balance and strength because of this machine"

Harold Mills - Lahaina HI

I LOVE my vibe machine!! Late April I fell on my back, pinching a nerve, with the result that I couldn't do any exercise, chi gong or yoga at all for one month. Just as my body recovered, my whole body vibration machine arrived and, doing two sessions of 10 mins morning and evening on P1, got my body back into being able go back to yoga classes! It so energizes me and the vibration hits all the acupressure points on the soles of my feet. There is osteoporosis in my left elbow and when I sit in lotus position with my back to the panel, resting my hands on the platform next to my legs, I can feel the vibration benefiting my bones. This machine is a true gift to real health! Thank you for bringing it to Kauai!  ❤️🎶❤️👍

Patricia - Kauai


Precision Made Products 

2020 VZRocket pro
VZ-Fit Oscillation

"You are the only company that provides studies not hype" Vicky


"My biking and running career has come with a price - after 1 month of vibration, it's a game changer"


"I love the VZrocket. I use it 5 minutes before and after my workout. My recovery time is near zero"

Jenny-Irvine CA

"My blood sugar dropped several straight days and has stayed down!"


"Vibration helped me walk again after back & hip fractures"

Savitori - Kihei

"Best invention ever - I lost 2 sizes - my best purchase in years"  

Malia - Haiku